Free charcoal with BBQ2GO pro pack

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BBQ2GO makes barbecue a simple and fun pleasure for the beginner to experienced cook, without smoke. Enjoy steaks, pizza's or fish in an instant because of battery powered build in fan. Grill in minutes with BBQ2GO. Fast simple and save. Only the best with BBQ2GO

Preventing smoke

Smoke is caused by incomplete combustion. This can happen when the fuel doesn't receive enough oxygen or when the fuel is not dry enough. The oxygen problem we prevent by adding oxygen with the build in ventilator. You can use coconut briquettes to prevent the second problem. They are dry and won't smoke after being lit. Burned grease smell is also a problem because of smells and fumes. To tackle that, read below.

No smells or fumes

The BBQ2GO has a unique feature that other compact charcoal grills do not have - a built-in water reservoir. The water reservoir collects the grease drips that fall through the drain holes on the side of the grill. The water prevents the grease from caking, burning, and smelling. And, since the grease cannot drip on the charcoal, there's no smoky smell or flare-ups. This means you can enjoy delicious grilled food without any unpleasant smells or smoke.